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Hawaii Health Insurance quotes

Hawaii Health Insurance quotes

Hawaii is also known as the aloha state. The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu – a very interesting name. Hawaii is popular for suffering. Residents of Hawaii are part of the United States of America. Health insurance is insurance bought to cover your medical expenses either if you have severe medical conditions or have normal day-to-day check-up needs. They launched the Affordable Care Act insurance which is famously known as Obama Care. This Act was enacted to make health insurance available to more and more residents of the states. The expansion of the Medicaid program is one of the benefits of Affordable Health Care. Additionally, this activity is beneficial to people from low-income families. 

If you’re self-employed or uninsured by your employer, Affordable Health Care insurance is for you.  Find out individual health insurance in Hawaii and family health insurance to secure your future. If are unable to get group coverage through your employer, you may be able to sign up for Medicaid or Medicare. In additional cases, use military health insurance, compare health insurance plans, or purchase a plan directly from a private insurance company.

Hawaii Health Insurance Quotes Marketplace

Hawaii’s health insurance quotes marketplace has numerous coverage types and plans. Hence there are 5 ways to access insurance plans from the marketplace. Following are the Marketplace plans:

Marketplace Plans

In Hawaii, you can purchase a federal health insurance marketplace or purchase health insurance from a company that provides off-exchange plans. 

Open Enrolment

Open Enrolment is a period span during which citizens are eligible to sign up for any insurance or coverage. One can change their insurance plans during this period. On missing the deadline, insurers have to wait for either a special enrolment period or an upcoming enrolment period to apply.  

Special Enrolment Period

People are eligible for a special enrolment period with qualifying life events (QLE) such as marriage, the birth of a child, or moving into a new home with a different zip code. If any of these things have happened and you’ve lost coverage, you can sign up again within 60 days of the event. 

Health Insurance Marketplace

The residents of Hawaii have access to tons of on-and-off exchange plans. Hawaii insurers are offering 23 plans on the exchange and off-exchange offering 36 plans.

Coverage Types

In 2019, 53.4% of Hawaii’s insured population had employer-sponsored health coverage. Another set of residents of 15.9% was enrolled in Medicare. The other 17% is insured by Medicaid. While the existing 4% has military insurance. 4.1% were enrolled in other types of non-group plans. Just 4% of the population was uninsured. 

How Do I Enrol in Hawaii’s Health Insurance Marketplace?

If you want to check your eligibility for a tax credit to help pay your insurance premiums, you should use the health insurance marketplace to enroll in a plan. Visit HealthCare.gov and create an account. 

Once you’ve set up your account, fill up a new application and questions on each page. If you want to become eligible for Advanced Premium Tax Credit there is the following information you have to provide your household income, how much you earn, or do you have any self-employment income. You can cover some of the expenses such as student loan interest. 

After completing these questions, you’ll be able to see a list of plans available for the area. You can compare the plans according to monthly premiums, and other criteria. By keeping the current health providers in the mind, one can search for the plans in the same network. The following insurance companies offer affordable health insurance in Hawaii. 

Affordable Health Insurance in Hawaii

Being a part of a low-income household there are two options for insurance coverage plans. The first is Medicaid, the joint effort between the federal government and Hawaii’s state government to ensure that low-income residents have access to health care. The second program is the children’s health insurance program where your child qualifies for this program being in a low-income family. You can get access to these through Hawaii health insurance quotes. 

Medicaid In Hawaii

Hawaii has two forms of Medicaid in Hawaii health insurance quotes: Hawaii QUEST and the Medicaid fee-for-service program. Hawaii- QUEST includes primary and acute medical care, behavioural health services, and long-term services. To qualify for Hawaii QUEST, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Resident of Hawaii
  • U.S. citizen or lawful immigrant
  • Under the age of 65
  • Not certified as disabled or blind
  • Not living in an institution
  • No access to health coverage through an employer
  • Have a valid Social Security number

You have to meet the requirement of household income and assets. According to the federal poverty level, the income limit is 100% and the assets limit is $2000 per person. $3000 for two-person household size.  To apply for medical coverage, fill out the online application. Compare health insurance plans online to find out the best insurance plans.

Hawaii Children’s Health Insurance Program 

Hawaii Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) aids health coverage for children living in households that are meeting certain eligibility requirements. The income limits are relatively higher for CHIP, so the possibility of your children getting qualified for coverage even if the household income is too high for Medicaid. The FPL suggests that some children qualify with household incomes. 

Hawaii’s Children’s health insurance program provides comprehensive coverage for children from eligible households. These programs include several programs like routine medical care, dental care and immunizations.

Apply for Children’s health insurance through the State of Hawaii MyBenefits site and click “Apply On-Line for Benefits.” If you’re not sure if your child is eligible for children’s health insurance program coverage click “Am I Eligible?” to have access to a screening tool that can help determine if your household meets the required eligibility

In a Nutshell, 

Medicaid health insurance program and Children’s Health Insurance Program are launched to aid children and residents to have the best health care. There is a metal tier system in insurance programs where you can avail of programs according to your household income and medical conditions. Compare these health insurance programs online to identify the best suited for you and your family.